Many thanks to the following companies and individuals who’ve agreed to be recognized for their generous contributions to Maatkit.  If you’d like to be listed here, please contact the project developers via the mailing list.

Maatkit’s primary sponsor is Percona, who employs its creator (Baron Schwartz) and a full-time contributor (Daniel Nichter). If you need commercial Maatkit and MySQL Support, or if you’d like Maatkit customized for your needs, Percona can help.

Company Description
Blue Ridge Internetworks Blue Ridge Internetworks offers hosting, internet access, and IT services.
EngineYard Engine Yard provides hosting, support, and services for Ruby On Rails, and a Rails Cloud for on-demand deployment and management of your Ruby on Rails applications.
Kongregate At Kongregate we’re building the leading site to play games – or to make them. We have thousands and thousands of the best free games, and our community features mean that playing them here is more satisfying than anywhere else.
Sun/MySQL MySQL is the world’s most popular Open Source Database.
Percona is Maatkit’s primary sponsor, with a full-time dedicated developer who writes most of the code. Percona provides MySQL consulting, MySQL support, MySQL training, and MySQL development services to build high-performance applications around open-source technologies. Maatkit is a core productivity toolkit for Percona’s consultants.
Pythian Pythian provides remote database services for Oracle, Oracle Apps, MySQL and SQL Server.
The Rimm-Kaufman Group Paid Search Marketing — RKG offers a full-service paid search management solution for programs on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Maatkit was invented at RKG, and nurtured there for the first two years of its life.
Ronald Bradford, MySQL Expert MySQL Performance Tuning – MySQL Scalability – Database Architecture – MySQL Consulting – Disaster Recovery Planning – MySQL Optimization – MySQL Monitoring – MySQL Database Administration – High Availability – Education & Knowledge Transfer – MySQL Replication
Vantage Media Since 2002 Vantage Media has been a leader in Performance Search Marketing, specializing in integrated, customized search marketing campaigns that harness the power of search traffic and turn it into concrete business opportunities for clients.